Best Outdoor Security Cameras


Who Makes the Best Outdoor Security Cameras?

The best outdoor security cameras are cameras that use central station surveillance protection with live security guards 24/7, so you don’t have to monitor your cameras yourself.

Deep Sentinel is currently the only outdoor security camera system that has central station surveillance protection with live guards who monitor cameras mounted outside your home. Deep Sentinel cameras were specifically designed for use with their central station surveillance.

Best of all, because of their AI technology, it’s very affordable for homeowners, retail stores, commercial, warehouse, or industrial customers.

Deep Sentinel’s security guards are based in the U.S., in California.

Ring virtual guard monitoring, although not yet available, has a waitlist and will be the only other company with affordable central station surveillance protection for home or commercial use. See below.

Do Outdoor Security Cameras With Central Station Surveillance Require a Subscription?

Yes. Any security system with central station surveillance will require a monthly subscription to pay for humans who monitor the security system. But Deep Sentinel surveillance protection is shockingly inexpensive for what it provides.

Deep Sentinel is the best security you can get for residential use. But it’s also the best for retail and commercial use in places or at times when pedestrian traffic is not expected.

Burglars would never have been able to vandalize Billy Joel’s house and damage his 12 motorcycles if he had Deep Sentinel security cameras. The criminals broke in through the garage door at his home on Centre Island, NY. See how easy it is to break into a house through a garage door (I will write about how to secure garage doors in another review).

Deep Sentinel security guards would have seen the intruders and prevented the carnage. Unfortunately, Billy Joel’s alarm system either wasn’t armed, wasn’t working, or the burglars got around it.

Best outdoor video security camera is this Deep Sentinel 4K dome camera with remote pan and tilt

Why Are Deep Sentinel Outdoor Security Cameras the Best?

With other smart security cameras, you are the security. You have to monitor the cameras, but you may not always be able to, and you may not get the notification in time.

Criminals may not be deterred by smart security cameras because they can wear a mask to avoid identification. But wearing a mask does not avoid security cameras with central station monitoring because a security guard will immediately call the police and tell criminals to leave the area.

Deep Sentinel is the only security camera system that has live security guards at a central station monitoring your cameras to prevent crime before it occurs.

Ring will soon offer central station surveillance protection, but it’s not yet available (see below).

Live guards at the Deep Sentinel central station start monitoring human and vehicular movement for criminal activity when a camera is triggered by its motion detector and sends a video stream to the central station.

The guards will watch what is happening and can also listen and speak to intruders to prevent a crime before it occurs. The guard will call the police and warn the intruder to leave before the police arrive. The cameras have a large speaker, so the voice is loud and clear.

When the warning is ignored, or an intruder is refusing to leave and trespassing, the Deep Sentinel security guard, can sound a siren.

When there is a guard intervention (when a guard speaks to someone) and/or if the police are called, you will get a text message and probably a phone call. When there was a guard intervention at my house, I received a text message and a phone call from Deep Sentinel.

Watch What Happened When a Salesman Came to My House!

This video shows how Deep Sentinel’s cameras worked at my house when a salesman came to my front door.

The wiring and Deep Sentinel security cameras were installed on a Thursday and were working by 7 PM. On Friday at about noon, 17 hours after the cameras were installed, I was out walking the dogs with my wife when a salesman came to our front door.

We didn’t lock the front door because my in-laws were home, and we live in a very safe village with a lot of police presence (I am also the Commanding Officer of the Communications Bureau, Auxiliary Police Section, Nassau County Police Department).

The salesman didn’t know that a Deep Sentinel security guard was watching him as he walked towards my front door. Deep Sentinel has since updated the App to optionally play one of several recordings. I now play an audio recording on three of the cameras to let people know that they are being watched on video cameras by live security guards.

The salesman rang my Google Nest video doorbell, but when no one came to the front door (at 44 seconds), he tried to turn my doorknob and very slightly opened the door.

At 50 seconds, a Deep Sentinel guard says, “Hello, this is Deep Sentinel Security. Is there something I can assist you with, sir?

The rather startled salesman says, “I’m here to see Phil Franckel.”

The Deep Sentinel security guard says, “OK, sir, this is the security company monitoring the property. I’ll remain on standby and continue to observe.”

The salesman hung around for a while and then left.

When I came back from my walk, I was told someone was looking for me. I wondered why I didn’t receive any notifications on my phone. I  looked at my phone, and apparently, I did. I received a text message from my Google Nest video doorbell, a text message from Deep Sentinel, and a phone call from Deep Sentinel, but I never heard anything and had no idea what was happening. Thankfully, Deep Sentinel was watching.

The salesman came back later, and that’s how I found out he is a salesman who was trying to sell radio time to my law practice, 1-800-HURT-911® New York Accident Attorneys. He wasn’t a real threat, but I was thrilled that Deep Sentinel intervened appropriately and professionally. I’m even more thrilled that I bought Deep Sentinel cameras!

This video shows what happened when a salesman turned my doorknob as he was being watched by a Deep Sentinel guard. (The automatic audio warning announcement didn’t play because it wasn’t available yet when this happened)

The photo below shows the video camera at my front door. The video camera is on the bottom, and the top part is a large speaker and backup battery.

one of the Deep Sentinel video security cameras on my house

I have their outdoor wireless (1080p) cameras that are wireless for the data stream and hard-wired for power. The battery backup lasts for up to 3 months, depending on the foot traffic in front of the camera. I used ethernet cables to charge the batteries, so I have the option to change to the 4K POE cameras.

They also sell hard-wired (for data and power) POE video security cameras with 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) @ 20 FPS, pan and tilt adjustment, 2-way 97db Audio for guard interaction, and 160 ft Night Vision. Video recorded is stored both in Deep Sentinel’s cloud and a 4TB Hard Drive in the hub AI-powered by Nvidia GPU.

The mere sight of any video security camera system will scare off criminals who prefer easier targets without cameras. That’s why some places use dummy cameras. The outdoor hard-wired POE video security cameras from Deep Sentinel are serious-looking security with an available remote pan and tilt, moving the camera in a clear housing. The automatic audio warning announcement, moving camera, and voice of a security guard will scare off 99% of intruders and catch the 1% of criminals.

The Deep Sentinel surveillance protection is shockingly inexpensive. When I look at what their security guards are monitoring, I see dozens of video clips of people coming and going day and night at my house every day. This amount of security guard time is expensive, but Deep Sentinel can reduce time costs by using its hub with artificial intelligence powered by an Nvidia GPU.

The Deep Sentinel sign only lasts about a year, so I made this much better custom video surveillance sign for my house at

Deep Dentinel video surveillance sign - custom made

I made this custom video surveillance sign for my house

Deep Sentinel App in My Smartphone Showing Video Clips

You can look at a live video stream from the cameras and video clips of what the guards have looked at. The video clips will also show you the date, time, camera, and name of the guard who was watching.

This screenshot of the app shows the home screen with monitored video clips at the top, which I can scroll through. Each video clip shows the date, time, camera location, and name of the security guard who monitored the video stream. I can also click on History at the bottom of the App to find monitored video clips.

Underneath the monitored video clips is a list of cameras, I can click to see live video (my other two cameras are visible when I scroll down). When clicking on a camera, I can see a full-screen video image.

screenshot of Deep Sentinel app home screen

This screenshot shows the front door when I click on that camera view to see live video.

screenshot of Deep Sentinel app front door

Police Response Time

Response times depend on the type of incident, how busy the police are at the moment, and the distance of the nearest patrol car.

With alarm systems, the police do not come very fast. It is considered a low-priority call because there are so many false alarms, and the central station cannot verify the incident.

With Deep Sentinel, police will respond very quickly because security guards are watching a live video stream. When a Deep Sentinel security guard calls the police, the guard can describe to the 911 operator exactly what is happening and even give descriptions of the intruders.

With other smart video security cameras, the police will also respond very quickly because you will call 911 and describe what you are seeing. But that assumes you saw what was happening when it was happening. Chances are great that you could miss the notification and won’t know until the crime has already been committed. I didn’t hear the notifications when someone was at my house.

If you get a notification from a smart video camera when you’re out of town, you won’t know how to call your police department. If you dial 911, you’ll panic when you get a 911 operator at the police department in the town where you are. Deep Sentinel guards have your police department’s contact information so they can instantly reach your police department.

Deep Sentinel guards are always watching 24/7 when you’re sleeping, when you can’t pay attention, and when you just don’t hear it.

How Can Deep Sentinel Security Cameras Prevent Crime Before It Happens?

Cameras Have a Large Speaker for Security Guards to Speak With Potential Intruders

Deep Sentinel security cameras have a large speaker, so security guards can speak with potential intruders either to determine what the visitor’s reason is for being there or to warn intruders to leave before the police arrive. Watch the video clip below of a guard intervening the day after my security cameras were installed when a salesperson came to my front door.

Pre-recorded Warning Messages

Also each Deep Sentinel security camera can also be set to immediately play one of a number of pre-recorded warning messages as soon as someone comes within range of the camera’s motion detector. Each camera can be set to play a different message or not to play a message. The prerecorded audio message announcement plays immediately when detecting a person.

Fast Security Guard Response

A Deep Sentinel guard will begin watching within 30 seconds after the camera’s motion sensor detects a person. It’s like having your own personal security guards on patrol on every side of your house. See how the Deep Sentinel security camera system works.

A Deep Sentinel guard intervened three times since I installed the security cameras.

The first time was when a salesman came to my front door and turned my doorknob (see below).

The second time, I was with a friend looking at the wire for my electric dog fence in my side yard. The Deep Sentinel security guard did not know what we were doing and asked who we were.

The third time was when the same friend came to my front door and was making funny faces at the camera.

This short video from Deep Sentinel shows how it works.

What Are Deep Sentinel Security Guards Looking For?

Corrie Turner, retired law enforcement officer and Head of Security at Deep Sentinel, describes how the Guards On-Duty are trained to evaluate the behavior of people seen on their security cameras and how the Guards react.

Deep Sentinel Security Guard Prevents Home Invasion

How To Stop Porch Pirates From Stealing Your Packages

Get the best outdoor security cameras from Deep Sentinel.

Deep Sentinel will send you a package delivery notification if their guards are not busy with criminal incidents. I almost always get a package delivery notification from Deep Sentinel, but I also have a Google Nest video doorbell that sends package delivery notifications. This will allow you to pick up your package before a porch pirate does.

But what if you’re not available to pick up your package?

Deep Sentinel will stop package thieves as they approach your house and before they can grasp your delivery package. The police will be called, and, most of the time, thieves will just leave without your package. But if your package is stolen, the police are on the way.

The Deep Sentinel security camera video below shows a porch pirate in Woodbury, Long Island, a good neighborhood near me.

The porch pirate was scared off by a Deep Sentinel security guard without stealing the package. The security guard also called Suffolk County Police.

You can see Amazon making the delivery. Then the porch pirate rides by on his bicycle checking out the scene to make sure no one is around. Then he comes back and leaves without the package, and Suffolk County Police arrive.

The best way to deal with porch pirates is much more fun!

Will Deep Sentinel Guards Harass My Friends?

No, not unless they make funny faces at the camera as my friend did. Usually, the guards are just watching people come in and out of my house, but if a guard sees unusual activity, the guard may inquire about what is happening. If a guard sees criminal activity, the guard will take immediate action.

What if I Want Privacy When I’m in My Backyard?

You can easily turn off any or all of the security cameras in the App for up to 24 hours.

Scheduling Cameras to Turn On or Off

You can set a schedule to turn cameras on or off at different times. I keep my cameras on at all times and turn selected cameras off when I want because I always have my phone with me.

Where to Install Deep Sentinel Security Cameras

Deep Sentinel security cameras are for outdoor use or indoors where there is no traffic, such as a retail store closed for the night or a warehouse when workers are not present. Why? Because live security guards monitor the video stream only when the camera’s motion sensor detects movement. Constant foot traffic will make it unusable.

Deep Sentinel security camera monitoring for business is great for preventing crime with after-hours surveillance, but it can be used anytime where no foot traffic is expected.

  • Residential – Use outdoors day and night – Not for use indoors.
  • Retail – Use indoors and outdoors after hours when no traffic is expected.
  • Commercial/Industrial – Use indoors and outdoors at night or anytime where no traffic is expected.

Where to Install Deep Sentinel Security Cameras on a House

You can install Deep Sentinel security cameras on your house with a WIFI connection or hardwired. You can also use Deep Sentinel cameras elsewhere on your property if the camera is within reach of a WIFI signal.

I installed two Deep Sentinel security cameras on the front of my house, two cameras on the back of my house, and one camera on each side of my house. Every window and door in my house is monitored by security cameras. (I also use a Google Nest video doorbell and Nest security cameras inside my house, basement, and garage).

The two cameras on the front of my house see my front door, windows, and circular driveway. A camera on the side sees my three garage doors and side driveway. The two cameras on the back of my house see all the windows and three doors. The camera on the other side of my house sees my basement windows and central air conditioner compressors.

As soon as someone approaches my house, they are in view of the cameras, are being recorded, and will be monitored by a live guard within 10-30 seconds.

Use enough cameras to monitor every possible point of entry, such as windows and doors in your house, including garage doors, basement windows, and underneath balconies (to prevent someone from using a ladder to get to a balcony and enter through an upstairs window or door.

You can also monitor your driveway to protect your cars when in the driveway. Another area you may want to protect is your backyard and front lawn.

Deep Sentinel Security Cameras

Deep Sentinel sells both battery-powered wireless and POE hard-wired smart outdoor security cameras that work with their central station monitoring.

The hard-wired 2K and 4K outdoor security cameras and central station surveillance protection is the security protection you want if you are a multi-millionaire. But a Deep Sentinel system is easily affordable for the average homeowner.

POE (Power-over-Ethernet) security cameras are now available in 4K Dome, 2K Dome, and 2K Bullet cameras. An AI Hub w/ Nvidia GPU is required as part of the system. The hub supports up to 15 POE cameras and includes a 4 TB Hard Drive. Videos are also stored in the cloud.

2K and 4K cameras provide:

🔴 Superior Audio & Video Quality: Power-over-Ethernet provides a much faster data transmission speed, allowing for ultra HD (both 4K & 2K) video streams, as well as exceptional audio quality.

🔴 Reliability Over Wireless: PoE is more dependable and less susceptible to power (no batteries) or network issues. Hard-wired solutions also allow for a much wider coverage area as they are not relying on your router and WiFi signal.

🔴 POE Cable: You’ll save a lot of money with installation because PoE security cameras require only a single low-voltage ethernet cable, so you don’t need a licensed electrician to run 110V wire. Any network, alarm, or audio-video contractor can inexpensively install the wiring.

Deep Sentinel's best outdoor video security camera, the 4K dome camera with remote pan and tilt

This is Deep Sentinel’s best outdoor video security camera, the 4K dome camera with remote pan and tilt

4K Dome Camera

  • Adjustment to pan and tilt available
  • 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) @ 20 FPS
  • 89० Viewing Angle
  • 2-way 97db Audio (built-in speaker and mic)
  • 160 ft Night Vision

2K Dome Camera

  • Adjustment to pan and tilt available
  • 2K Ultra HD (2560 x 1440) @ 30 FPS
  • 112० Viewing Angle
  • 2-way 97db Audio (built-in speaker and mic)
  • 160 ft Night Vision

Deep Sentinel bullet video camera

2K Bullet Camera

  • 2K Ultra HD (2560 x 1440) @ 30 FPS
  • 112० Viewing Angle
  • 2-way 97db Audio (built-in speaker and mic)
  • 160 ft Night Vision

Wireless Security Video Cameras

Deep Sentinel wireless outdoor video security camera on my house

Deep Sentinel’s first-generation video security cameras were completely wireless and battery-powered. They came with a spare battery and charger. They also sell a solar charger, so you don’t have to change the batteries.

The second-generation video security cameras added the ability to charge the camera battery with a low-voltage wire. I used ethernet cables.

The first and second-generation cameras are 1080p because the video is streamed on these cameras via WiFi, and Deep Sentinel is more concerned with transmission speed to their central station than with image quality. Image quality isn’t really important since Deep Sentinel just needs to see that there is an intruder and what the intruder is doing. However, the image quality is quite good.

Solar Charger & USB + Extreme Temperature Battery Kit

Deep Sentinel Solar Charger

solar panel charger for Deep Sentinel outdoor video security cameras

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro vs. Deep Sentinel Security Cameras

Vivint’s website claims the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is “the only surveillance camera with lurker detection, intelligently identifying and automatically deterring true threats.” Vivint claims it helps prevent break-ins by automatically warning lurkers they’ve been spotted.

Vivint’s lurker detection appears to be the same great feature as Deep Sentinel’s audio warning. Both provide smart home surveillance with proactive protection, but the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is only a recording, and no one is watching unless you are. Deep Sentinel adds video monitoring by live security guards at a central station for about the same price as Vivint’s monthly cost.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Arlo, Ring, and Blink vs. Deep Sentinel Security Cameras

Do You Want to Do the Video Monitoring or Use a Central Station?

Smart security cameras like Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Ring, Blink, and Arlo Ultra have features that interact with an app and other smart home devices to help you control and monitor the security system. But with all of those cameras, you have to do the monitoring.

You could be sleeping, be in a dead spot, or just not hear the notification. I missed notifications from both my Google Nest Doorbell and Deep Sentinel, as well as a call from Deep Sentinel when a salesman rang my Nest doorbell and then turned my doorknob. But Deep Sentinel’s guards were watching when I couldn’t, and they stopped him from entering. Deep Sentinel guards are always watching 24/7.

Smart Security Cameras With Central Station Monitoring

Deep Sentinel cameras are the only video security cameras with central station monitoring.

Security Cameras With Automatic Audio Warning

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro and Deep Sentinel. Only the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro and Deep Sentinel security cameras give an automatic audio warning to intruders when someone enters a zone.  But only Deep Sentinel has that and central station surveillance protection with live security guards 24/7.

Smart Security Cameras Without Central Station Monitoring – Comparison

Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel video security cameras come in 1080p (1K) Wi-Fi battery-operated and hard-wired for power. A solar-power option for the battery-operated model is available. 2K and 4K models are hard-wired POE (power over ethernet for signal and power). All Deep Sentinel cameras have night vision, motion detection for people and package detection, and 97db two-way audio with automatic motion-detected announcements, sirens, and other sounds, and of course, the ability for their security guards to speak to people. A pan and tilt option for the camera is available. Deep Sentinel cameras are the only video cameras with central station monitoring.

Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro 3 outdoor video security cameras are 2K and have a 160° field of view, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, integrated spotlight, 80-decibel siren, and are battery operated. Wi-Fi Connection requires a working broadband connection with at least 2-4 Mbps upload speed. Tom’s Guide reports that Arlo Pro 3 has blurry night videos and does not have a free cloud plan.

This is the Arlo Pro 3 security camera system at Costco

Arlo Pro 3 outdoor video security camera system at Costco


Blink outdoor video security cameras are 1080p (1K), They have a 110° field of view, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, and are battery operated. Tom’s Guide reports that Blink does not have person or package detection.


Ring Stick Up Cam Elite comes with a PoE Adapter. Other Ring cameras are available with solar power and a spotlight and wired.

Ring is starting central station surveillance protection as an addon for their cameras. See the announcement about Ring camera central station surveillance and the information page and waitlist for Ring camera central station surveillance. Ring’s pricing starts at $99/month for central station monitoring. Deep Sentinel charges per camera monitored, so it’s likely that the Ring virtual guard monitoring price of $99/month will go up with additional cameras. Ring virtual guard monitoring requires that you also use the Ring doorbell.

I have been told that Ring’s central station will be located in India, which makes sense because central station monitoring for video cameras is very labor-intensive and, therefore, very difficult or usually extremely expensive. Deep Sentinel’s central station is located in California.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Of the smart security cameras without central station monitoring, I would choose Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. Nest IQ has facial recognition that will identify people you know after you enter their names when seen in the video recording.

Nest’s video quality is second to none, including in total darkness. My Nest doorbell gives a clear view if I turn my overhead light off on a dark night. I have Nest Cam IQ Indoor in my walking closet, and it gives a clear view inside the closet with the door closed and the light off. It’s simply amazing.

I chose the Nest Hello video doorbell over the Ring video doorbell because it has better video and artificial intelligence with facial recognition. I also purchased Nest Cam IQ indoor cameras for the same reasons. My Nest Aware account includes all my Nest Cam IQ indoor cameras and the Nest Hello doorbell for one fee.

I use Nest Cam IQ indoor cameras in my garage, basement, closet, and other areas. I use Deep Sentinel security cameras with central station surveillance protection to cover all sides of my house outside.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is Wi-Fi 2.4GHz or 5GHz and has a 130° field of view. The camera automatically zooms in whenever it detects a person, in 1080p HD with 4K sensors and HDR for super clear video. Nest Aware gives alerts for sounds, including barking dogs and people speaking, facial recognition, and more.

Should I Use a Doorbell Camera With Deep Sentinel Security Cameras?

Why not? At my front door, I use both a Nest Hello video doorbell and a Deep Sentinel security camera.

Deep Sentinel security cameras don’t replace a doorbell. You can use a regular doorbell with Deep Sentinel, but a smart video doorbell provides some nice features.

I use the Nest Hello video doorbell because it lets me speak with visitors when I’m away. It’s prettier and has facial recognition to let you know if someone you know is at your door. It also has a package monitoring feature that sends a notification if Nest Hello saw a package dropped off or picked up. Nest Hello probably has the best day and night video quality and great audio.

Here’s a review of the Nest Hello doorbell at

Why Is Central Station Monitoring of Security Cameras Important?

Smart Wi-Fi security cameras like Google Nest, Ring, and even the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro will record video and send you a text message notification when the camera detects motion. But you have to do the monitoring.

I don’t use Nest security cameras outside except for Nest Hello doorbell because I might not get a notification. Even if I did get the notification, by the time I found out there was an intruder, the crime will have already been committed.

With smart Wi-Fi security cameras like Google Nest and Ring, I’ll be able to watch a recording of the crime and give it to the police, but with Deep Sentinel, they’ll stop the crime before it occurs.

What’s so great about having live guards monitoring my cameras? When the salesman mentioned above tried to turn my doorknob, I got a text message notification from both my Google Nest doorbell and Deep Sentinel. Deep Sentinel even called me, but I never heard the notifications or my phone ring. The Deep Sentinel guard left a message on my voicemail. Even though I was unaware of what was happening, a Deep Sentinel guard was watching and advised the salesman he was being watched. The guard would have called the police if necessary.

Can Deep Sentinel Security Cameras Give False Alarms?

Because Deep Sentinel uses live security guards who are watching a live video stream, you won’t have false alarms like you will with an alarm system. With Deep Sentinel, you won’t be charged by the police department for false alarms.

Do I Have to Pay For an Alarm Permit for Security Cameras?

Deep Sentinel security cameras should not need an alarm permit because the cameras are monitored by live security guards who verify the alarm condition because they are watching it in real-time and report to the police what they see, thus preventing a false alarm.

Where I live, I don’t need to pay the annual alarm permit fee for my Deep Sentinel security camera system. But I do need to pay a fee for my alarm system with central station monitoring.

A security camera system should not need an alarm permit because they don’t automatically call the police without a human verifying what’s happening. If a security camera system automatically calls the police, you will need an alarm permit.

An alarm system that automatically calls the police or one that uses central station guards who call the police will need an alarm permit because the guards can’t always verify the alarm condition. Alarm systems cause a lot of false alarms, so police departments require an alarm permit so they can recover some of the cost of responding to false alarms and stop responding if a homeowner doesn’t maintain the alarm system and there are too many false alarms.

Can I Get a Discount on My Homeowner’s Insurance for Using Security Cameras?

Deep Sentinel security cameras are probably the only security cameras that will qualify for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance because only Deep Sentinel uses live security guards at a central station. State Farm is my homeowner’s insurance company, and State Farm gave me a $140/year discount on my homeowner’s insurance premium.

Other security cameras will not qualify for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium because the cameras only record crime after it happened.

Are Video Security Cameras as Good as an Alarm

Deep Sentinel security cameras are not a substitute for an alarm, but if you only have the money for cameras or an alarm, I would start with Deep Sentinel security cameras. If you can afford both Deep Sentinel security cameras and an alarm, you should do both.

There are many inexpensive wireless alarm systems you can install yourself, such as SimpliSafe.

You can also have a company like ADT install an alarm system for you. ADT advertises a free alarm system, but they lock you into a 10-year contract. I’m not sure, but you may be locked in even if you move. Additionally, their free system is usually not enough to cover your house, and you will have to pay for upgrades and additional devices.

I chose a third option which was to have a local alarm company hardwire my house with an alarm system. It can cost $2,000-$3,000 or even more, but I own it and don’t have to use their central station service. When you own your alarm system, you can save $22-32 per month by getting your central station service online. But you also won’t be locked into a contract.

Did I Receive a Deep Sentinel Discount For This Review?

No. Deep Sentinel did not provide their security camera system to me and did not give me a discount to write this review. Deep Sentinel pays a $150 referral fee to customers who refer another customer, but I do receive referral fees from Deep Sentinel, and none of the links here have an affiliate code, so you can be sure that my opinions in this article are 100% honest.

I have been using the system for 10 months and can honestly say it’s one of the best improvements I made to my house.

After seeing one of their early advertisements online, I was immediately impressed, but they only had battery-operated cameras at the time. I continually implored them to come out with a POE camera or at least a camera that could be powered by low-voltage hardwire.

When Deep Sentinel came out with a Wi-Fi camera that could be powered by a low-voltage hardwire with a battery backup, I immediately bought the system. The new security cameras are a huge improvement, but I love my original cameras.

Deep Sentinel offered me a discount at that time because of my background, and because they were still very new in the business, they were offering generous discounts to get new customers.

About Philip L. Franckel, Esq. (Security Experience)

Philip Franckel has been an auxiliary police officer for 50 years and the Commanding Officer of the Communications Bureau, Auxiliary Police Section, for 10 years. He is a former FFL holder (Federal Firearms License).

Phil Franckel designed a high-security office for his father’s diamond business that had two armed bodyguards and occupied an entire floor with security cameras in the building lobby, elevator, and office entrance. He designed a three-door entrance with a package pass, large bullet-resistant glass, a riot glass door, and the entire office with bullet-resistant walls and doors. Panic buttons were placed everywhere, including the bathroom. The office had two ISM Diamond Vault safes. There were two alarm systems, one for the safes with one alarm company and line security and another alarm company for the premises also with line security.

Philip Franckel, Esq. has been a personal injury lawyer in New York at 1-800-HURT-911® since 1992. See more of Philip Franckel’s bio.